Lisa Molenaars (1989) has worked at Louwers IPlTechnology Advocaten as paralegal since January 2016. On 27 January 2017 she was sworn in as attorney-at-law.

She has specific knowledge of intellectual property law, IT law, privacy and general contract law and tort.


Attorney-at-law (‘advocaat’)

Education & work experience 

  • Lisa studied at Maastricht University and Utrecht University. In 2014 she received both a master’s degree in criminal law and in private law (specializing in intellectual property law)
  • Internships at various small and large law firms


  • Litigating and advising on (alleged) infringements of various intellectual property rights
  • Drafting various contracts, including processor agreements and contractual licences
  • Advising on the international transfer of personal data

Memberships and other functions 

Lisa is vicepresident of the Young Bar Association of The Hague.

She is also a member of:

  • Dutch Association for Information Technology and Law (NVvIR)
  • Association for Data Privacy Law (VPR)
  • Benelux Association for Trademark and Design Law (BMM)


IT, privacy and intellectual property


Dutch and English

Recent Publications

  • L.C. Molenaars and E.J. Peerboom-Gerrits, ‘Annotatie – Het vergeetrecht van zoekresultaten herzien? Hof Amsterdam 23 juni 2020, ECLI:NL:GHAMS:2020:1802’, IR 2020/6 (in Dutch).
  • E.J. Louwers and L.C. Molenaars, ‘Auteursrechtelijke bescherming van websites: hoe zit het ook alweer?’, JutD 2020/96 (in Dutch).
  • L.C. Molenaars and H.A.J. de Jong, ‘De verzoekschriftprocedure ex art. 35 UAVG in het internettijdperk. Een noodzakelijke rechtsingang voor de betrokkene?’, IR 2019/6 (in Dutch).