IT purchase

IT purchase

IT purchase varies from the purchase of hardware and software to complete ERP systems and is crucial to the core business of the organization. Often, this is a complex process. Do you have the in-house knowledge and experience to assist with this purchase?

As specialized lawyers, we are perfectly positioned to determine on a strategic level how your organization should be positioned and in addition, what can be expected on an operational level. For instance, we can support in the drafting of necessary contracts related to IT-purchase. This includes hardware contracts and software licensing, SaaS or Cloud contracts, Service Level Agreements and processor agreements.

IT procurement

Is your organization involved in the procurement of IT purchase? The possibilities within the IT procurement process are diverse, given the availability of the various procurement instruments. At the same time, the legislator, judge and public are becoming increasingly critical of the way in which procurement is enacted.

Based on your organization’s preferred procurement strategy, we will select the desired procurement instrument and the corresponding IT contracts, together with you. In collaboration with our strategic partners, we can counsel your organization throughout the entire procurement process. As a consequence, you will know exactly how to interact with the procurement instruments of your preference, without running the risk of being in violation of the law. By doing so, strategic choices possibly made will not unnecessarily be jeopardized.