IT disputes

Prevention rather than cure

Our aim is to keep the relationship between two contracting parties well-balanced and in good harmony. For this reason, we prefer to become involved in communications between parties already before a dispute arises. By doing so, we can contribute to a well-found resolution that is acceptable to both parties involved.

IT dispute

If parties cannot reach a settlement and a court procedure is inevitable, we will provide you with professional legal guidance. We will carefully draft clear procedural documents in cooperation with you.

Our experience in the field of IT, and therefore our ability to see through the technical aspects of the matter appears to be of great benefit within court proceedings. A procedural document that both legally and factually speaks for itself, constitutes an important first step within proceedings. For a judge, it is often difficult to establish the precise facts of an IT dispute. Consequently, restoring the frequently complex IT processes to a manageable issue in order to have the judge decide on the accurate elements and factors of the case could be challenging. We have noticed that in this regard, we often achieve better results than the opponent party does.

Costs of court proceedings

The costs of legal proceedings can be sizable, also for the reason that the course of the  proceedings can be unpredictable. Yet, we are able to manage such costs well and in cooperation with you, we will make a best effort to clearly coordinate the strategy and the costs involved.