Contract support modules

To offer your organisation maximum price reliability on the one hand and the necessary flexibility on the other hand, we work with different modules to support you on a more structural basis with drafting contracts and possible contract negotiations. An overview of our different contract support modules can be found [here].

You can indicate yourself which module fits  best. This will depend on the contract, the contracting party, the complexity of the assignment and the (commercial) interest of the contract. The prices per module can be requested and preferably we  can discuss your specific needs.

Working method

  • One accountmanager will act as your contact person and will be the designated contact for all your assignments and questions.
  • We always deploy a professional which we consider to be the most suitable to support you.
  • Our firm’s expertises are IT, internet, intellectual property and privacy according to Dutch law, supplemented with our generic knowledge and experience in the area of (international) contracting.
  • For knowledge beyond our areas of expertise or knowlegde of foreign law we can engage a specialist lawyer, and if so, we will always in advance ask your approval of the costs concerned.
  • Invoicing will always be at the end of the month in which the work for the contract concerned starts.


It is important that you have and keep a good feeling about the arrangements agreed on and our cooperation, an dfor that reason the arrangements shall by default be evaluated after the first three months or after five assignments. Based on that evalution the arrangements will, if necessary, be revised.

More information?

For more information about the different contract support modules or to request an offer subject to contract, contact Huub de Jong or Tom de Wit.