Are you considering taking your business to the cloud? Often, as a client, it is difficult to select the right supplier or to choose a suitable cloud solution. In this regard, we can provide you with (legal) advice as from the start and shield you from possible pitfalls. Moreover, our comprehensive experience allows us to take a step further by looking beyond the legal aspects. Where necessary, we will switch with experts whom we regularly collaborate with in respect of cloud or outsourcing processes.

Important subject matters

Which subject matters are important to you, as a customer?

  • Continuity: you should make provision in case of a contingency or bankruptcy of the supplier.
  • Service levels: you should think about establishing well-made arrangements concerning the service levels.
  • Processing of personal data: if your supplier processes personal data, you should abide to and agree on the applicable rules (see here).
  • Security: your supplier will have to demonstrate its compliance with the minimal level of security.
  • Exit: make sure that beforehand, you agree on a possible exit from the cloud.