You want to go to the cloud, but do not want to depend on your supplier’s unilateral contractual documentation. For consumers of cloudservices, we offer a legal solution containing the necessary standard documentation at a fixed price.

The standard documentation includes:

  • Cloud agreement: this covers all legal key topics, such as scope, warranty, continuity and liability
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): this offers all necessary servicelevels, also to be used as checklist for supplier’s SLA
  • Processor agreement: if personal data is processed by the supplier, a processor agreementneeds to be in place

When you use our Cloud-in-the-box solution, we will also offer tailor-made alterations, a letter-of-intent, assist with your contract negotiations and, if applicable, offer procurement law advice at an attractive reduced rate.

More information?

For more information about our Cloud-in-the-box solution or our other products, contact Huub de Jong or Tom de Wit.