10 tips for IT procurement

Countless examples show that both the costs and time spent on the purchase of a new IT system appear to be more extensive than estimated beforehand. Neither are advantageous to any organization. Thorough purchase and solid contract management can prevent numerous difficulties. Hereby, we provide you with 10 tips that contribute to the purchase of a good IT system:

  1. Never directly accept all contracts and/or general terms and conditions of the opposite party;
  2. Ensure the execution of a good quality preliminary investigation;
  3. Agree on a tailor-made contract for projects of considerate scope;
  4. Include audit mechanisms in your contract;
  5. When drafting the contract, ensure that vendor lock-in is being prevented;
  6. Nothing lasts forever, so make sure to agree on a good exit (assistance);
  7. Contribute to adequate contract governance;
  8. Make sure to include proper mechanisms to adjust the contract, in case things turn out differently than previously agreed on.
  9. Know the ins and outs of the advantages to both parties;
  10. Ensure the assistance of a lawyer who understands the unlooked-for event of failure of the project.