IT & IT-outsourcing

Specific knowledge and experience is required to legally safeguard a successful IT or cloud project. Also a public procurement for IT has to be well-chosen from the very beginning. In the event that an IT or cloud project still runs afoul, you need a skilled lawyer who understands IT.

IT purchase

How to ensure that your IT-procurement is legally and contractually embedded? Are you aware of the rules related to public procurement?

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IT outsourcing

What should you take into account when outsourcing your IT to an IT supplier?

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When going to the cloud, there are important points of particular interest. Such as continuity guarantees, security and personal data.

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IT disputes

What should you do when an IT-project is getting off the track?

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News items IT & IT outsourcing

Please visit our news page where you may find interesting news items, online comments and other updates.

News items

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When you want to go to the cloud or want to outsource your IT, we offer a legal solution with the necessary standard documentation for a fixed price.

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IT - purchase conditions

We can provide you with all the necessary General Terms and Conditions for purchase or sale with modules for software, cloudservices, support, hardware and consultancy.

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License compliancy

We can support you in the inventory of your licenses for the use of software in the organization. Not only if you are visited by the BSA but also in a preventive way.

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Contract support modules

We offer a module to support your organization in a structural way when entering into IT-contracts or during related contractnegotiations.

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